Our Mission

Love and concern for our fellow humans wherever they live on this planet is what drives us to share our skills and knowledge . Many communities globally have manpower in addition to access to adequate sun, water and arable land but are desperately seeking the knowledge and essential farm equipment to feed themselves and become self-sustaining. 
We believe that learning partnerships can help these communities not merely survive but thrive! We believe that ultimately, this will lessen the burden on global charities and government programs by empowering these communities to become self-sustaining 'givers' in their regions.

Our Values

That – all mankind are created equal in the eyes of God.
That – all mankind are equally deserving of respect, education and opportunities in life.
That – extending help to others, however and whenever possible is the right thing.
That – all team members and recipients feel, valued as full equals, loved and appreciated.
That – all team members  have a heart for those less fortunate than themselves.

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