Experimental propagation and farm establishment:

1. To SHARE our 1st world farming knowledge and practices to willing, hardworking people in the third-world for their long self-sustainability.

2. Garnering the support of like-minded people across north America and other first world regions to further this cause.

3. Raising and planting the very best FRUIT TREE SEEDLING to grow out in the farm.

3. Exposing amateur subsistence farmers to new techniques and facilitating ONSITE HANDS-ON CLINICS to graduate them from primitive farming in to modern farming practices. 

4. Distribution of best fruit tree seedlings to entire populations to enter in to long-term farming practices and widely economics changes .

Influencing Mindset:

Working with the locals to overcome a non-productive victim mentality and any negative perception of others. Harvesting crops of fulfilled souls as shown on happy faces to create a legacy of meaningful impact for generations to come for self-sustainability, farm sustainability regional change.

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