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Humanity’s Promise Int’l (HPI)
is all about growth; Growth of People and of Crops and in Cultivating Trust.


The founders of Humanity’s Promise Int’l are not in the business of pleading for financial aid nor do they wish to join the corporate model of endless coaxing for donor support. HPI simply asks for your help.
Because the needs of the people in South Sudan are large—very large, HPI believes that most of the solutions will be found by helping to propagate a strong agricultural-based economy. HPI is fully engaging South Sudanese agricultural communities and assisting them toward modernizing their agricultural economy.
HPI is committed to bolstering and supporting the South Sudanese farmers as they lift themselves out of hunger and poverty and into a life of self-sufficiency—a secure life with clean water, electricity, health care and accessible educational facilities. This undertaking is enormous, but offers a worthwhile and gratifying experience. HPI invites you to join our team to make a big difference in a part of the world that needs your support.

HPI Agricultural Propagation
and Apprentice Centre

HPI's purpose is to introduce new and improved food group varieties to expand the types grown in South Sudan.

A key component is to develop seed stock of these new varieties and make them available to the farmers. This also includes propagation of a diverse range of fruit tree seedlings.


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