Lets Grow Together

Everything we do comes from and depends on you. Humanity’s Promise is able to help communities in various parts of Africa become self-sustainable because of the time and dollars you give. Whether you're a volunteer who gives time, a donor who provides financial support, or a partner who organizes a fundraising you are one of the many people making a difference for thousands of people over there every day.

Make a tax deductible donation in these ways:

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Make Payable to:


Humanity’s Promise Int’l
20 West Callaway Place, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada T4C 1L7 

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Make a tax deductible donation by e-transfer to:


Donate by VISA or MASTERCARD. Please fill out the form at the Canada Helps site.

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It's easy to donate offline

Tel: 1-403-926-5646

Volunteer or become a strategic partner!

We are always looking for volunteers to help. Fundraising event organizers, social media influencers, bottle drive runners, referral partners, and those with other skills are always welcome.

These strategic partners will make a generous donation on your behalf whenever you buy their products and services!