The Youth of Today
The Hope and Promise of Tomorrow

The South Sudanese, with few exceptions, were birthed into an environment filled with hopelessness and despair. Multiple generations have endured this ill-fated norm for countless decades.

Generation after generation has endured unbearable hardships, filled with hunger and poverty. Humanity’s Promise Int’l intends to be a vehicle of change and seeks to introduce purposeful educational and income earning opportunities for this generation.


The children of Eastern Africa are like children everywhere. They need a healthy portion of encouragement and validation, love and acceptance. But most of all they need hope, security and opportunities.


Normally, a little fun is not a bad thing. Neither is a distraction from daily doldrums—which are often accompanied by misery and pain. Life for children growing up in the villages of South Sudan holds few similarities to the lives of typical Canadian or American children. In many rural settings of Eastern Africa—which is certainly true for South Sudan—access to schools and education is largely non-existent. Instead of these children gathering together to learn and play, they will spend their days tending to family chores or caring for the cows and goats. Many children grow up without an opportunity to develop the necessary social skills to find their place in the modern world.


While HPI’s primary focus is on agricultural economy-growing activities, it cannot ignore the educational and emotional needs of the young. In many regions of South Sudan, access to proper educational facilities and qualified teachers is largely non-existent. The task of addressing the needs of these children, many of whom have been severely traumatized, is daunting.

Day to Day Life for South Sudanese Children

The fate of the nation, in large measure, is dependent upon the character and the educational and emotional health of these young people. Our team recognizes the limitations of their limited life experiences and skill sets, and is reaching out to caring people willing to assist in this important undertaking.

Words of encouragement and validation are important to a young mind, but ultimately pales in comparison to their need for personal security and purpose. All of HPI’s farming activities are designed to improve the local economy—to birth hope and optimism. Your financial assistance will definitely help to provide more security and greater peace of mind. You are invited to take part in radically improving their ability to free themselves from the cycle of poverty.

They will prosper down on the farm!