Who We Are

Humanity’s Promise Int’l (HPI) is a Canadian Charity providing humanitarian services in Eastern Africa. HPI plays no favourites.
It is a benevolent non-political charity that seeks to work beyond the boundaries of tribal issues. The founders of HPI are not strangers to the challenges that face most African nations and its citizens.


Having spent many years working among the needy in West-Central Kenya, Humanity’s Promise concluded that a radically different approach was needed to address the myriad of needs.

In the opinion of co-founder John Bossuyt, “countless donor dollars are being spent on the symptom of the illness, without adequately seeking the root cause of the problem”.

Drawing upon his lifetime of agricultural related experiences and honed skill-sets, John felt driven to roll up his sleeves to help those people facing hunger and poverty. Prayerfully considering the magnitude of the undertaking, he believed that others would ultimately come along side and assist with this important task.

From that modest beginning,
Humanity’s Promise Int’l was birthed.