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All over the world, good land lies fallow beneath ample sun and beside water, while its potential stewards relocate elsewhere to seek a better life. Sadly, a majority of the time, what these immigrants find is overcrowding, below-minimum wage jobs, assimilation challenges, immigrant abuse/corruption of all kinds, and so on. In a world overwhelmed by war, genocide, starvation, poverty and a worsening refugee crisis, we believe that one of the primary ways we can make a difference is to help indigenous peoples become self-sustaining in their own countries.

Everything we do comes from and depends on you. Humanity’s Promise is able to help communities in various parts of Africa become self-sustainable because of the time and dollars you give. 

Whether you're a volunteer who gives time, a donor who provides financial support, or a partner who organizes a fundraising event on our behalf or someone who attends one of our signature fundraising events, you are one of the many people making a difference for thousands of people over there every day.

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