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Transforming the Future of South Sudan

The South Sudanese people, with few exceptions, have been birthed into an environment filled with hardships and despair. Multiple generations have endured unbearable difficulties, including hunger and poverty combined with lack of educational and occupational opportunities. 

This must change.

The young within South Sudan must be spared the repetition of this misery and the general population ought to experience an easing of their pains.

Humanity's Promise Int'l. purposes to be a vehicle of change and seeks to introduce meaningful educational and income earning opportunities for this generation. While HPI's primary focus has been on growing an agricultural economy, it cannot ignore the educational and emotional needs of the young. We are responding to these critical needs by pivoting our primary focus toward the children.

It Begins With The Children

In many regions of South Sudan, access to proper educational facilities and qualified teachers is largeley non-existent. Quality, lasting solutions to the needs of South Sudan's young will not be found without addressing South Sudan's weak economy. The fate of the nation, in large measure, is dependant upon the character, educational and emotional health of these young people. The task of addressing the needs of these children, many of whom have been severely traumatized, is daunting.

Our team recognizes the limitations of their life experiences, skillsets and financial capacities, and is reaching out to caring people willing to assist in this important undertaking.

Will you become a part of this vision?

Our current needs:

- To build strategic partnerships that will increase the knowledge, skillset and financial capacity of HPI to fulfill its mission

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